Our fixed-price services are designed to cover about 90% of the faults that normally arise over time, such as increased noise levels or distortion, noisy controls, poor channel separation, woolly bass, etc. This has been borne out over many years of experience and hundreds of units. Any repairs still required after completing the service are charged at T&M rates by prior agreeement. Service prices do not include transistors, valves/vacuum tubes, lamps, or other components required to correct remaining faults. Servicing typically includes:

  • Replacement of electrolytic capacitors, which dry out over a period of decades, and lose function.
  • Testing and condition report on all valves.
  • Upgrade of any op-amps.
  • Upgrade of 4066 audio IC switching chips if present.
  • Replacement of other critical components, including in some cases all power supply components.
  • Addition of RCA input sockets and replacement of speaker posts on early Quad 405 amplifiers.
  • Realignment of class A or B power amplifiers where necessary.
  • Laboratory testing to ensure factory specification is met.
  • A two-hour listening test to 'burn-in' new components and assure final quality.

We will also recommend sources for valves and cables as required. We do not supply these ourselves in most cases.

Service Description AUD
AM or FM Tuner alignment

RF, IF, and AF alignment of AM or FM tuners. We specialize in valve tuners. Any repairs required not included in this price.

AWA Voltohmyst VTVM

The AWA A56010 Voltohmyst is probably the most commonly found VTVM in Australia. The A56010 is based on the RCA WV-87A, modified for 240VAC and other local conditions, with a locally designed cabinet and front panel. They were made in tens of thousands by Amalgamated Wireless Australia, and very widely used by local repairmen, radio & TV technicians, etc., in the period 1953–about 1970 when DVMs came into use. They are still much sought after, as there is still really no replacement for a high-impedance (10MΩ) analogue voltmeter that can measure to ±1500VDC, 4200VAC P-P, and with a centre-zero facility, the last feature being invaluable in tuner alignments.

We can perform a pretty precise DC+, DC-, and AC alignment of this unit. We also offer a small regulated 1.5VDC PSU unit to replace the D cell battery used for resistance measurements. We can also fit an illuminated mains switch and an internal AC fuse, both required under modern codes. Replacement probes are also available, including a 1MΩ DC probe. Please contact us for details.

Condition report

Sometimes you just want to know whether something is working, and how well, to help you decide whether to service, buy, sell, etc. We offer a condition report service: an evaluation and written report on the current performance of any pre-amplifier, amplifier, active crossover, or tuner, for your information. We perform a visual examination, graduated power-up, and measure as follows:

THD, IMD, bandwidth, RIAA accuracy, output level, all inputs and all outputs.
Power amplifiers
THD, IMD, bandwidth, stability, total power (up to 200W only).
Active crossovers
Gain, THD, IMD, crossover point(s), output level.
RF sensitivity, quieting, THD, IMD, audio bandwidth, FM de-emphasis accuracy, stereo channel separation.

This service can be done while you wait and is priced per functional unit, i.e. double for integrated amplifiers (preamp+amp) or triple for receivers (preamp+tuner+amp).


Servicing of any Fender valve guitar amplifer.

Supply and fitting of the TBX active bost control to Stratocasters.

Harmon Kardon

Citation series: T&M

HH Scott tuner service and alignment

Standard service and full RF, IF, and AF alignment, including adjustment to 50uS de-emphasis if required.  Any valve model including 335 MPX unit.

Leak Stereofetic tuner service & alignment

Standard service plus full RF, IF, and AF alignment.

Leak Troughline II, III, and Stereo FM tuners

Service and alignment is done at T&M, usually around $A200 depending on findings.

The original factory decoder is now of historical interest only, but it can be serviced and aligned if required at T&M.

A modern IC-based stereo decoder can be supplied and fitted for $A100.

Leak valve amplifiers
Model Type Years
Point One 15W and 25W Mono (1948-50)
TL/12 Mono (1949-57)
TL/25 Mono (1949-51)
TL/25A Mono (1951-7)
TL/10 Mono (1954-7)
TL/12 Plus Mono (1957-67)
TL/25 Plus Mono (1957-67)
TL/50 Plus Mono (1957-68)
Stereo 20 Stereo (1957-67)
Stereo 50 Stereo (1957-63)
Stereo 60 Stereo (1963-7)

Price shown is per channel.

Leak valve preamps
Model Type Years
RC/PA Mono 1948-50
RC/PA/U Mono 1950-4
Point One Mono 1954-7
Point One Plus Mono 1958-63
Point One Stereo Stereo 1958-63
Varislope Mono 1952-4
Varislope II Mono 1954-7
Varislope III Mono 1957-c.1960
Varislope III series N Mono c.1960-3
Varislope Stereo Stereo 1960-3
Varislope 2 Stereo Stereo 1963-7
Varislope Mono Mono 1963-7

Because condition and owner requirements can vary so much, these are all charged at T&M.

McIntosh valve tuner or power amplifier

Any valve model: T&M

Quad 22: basic service 125
Quad 22: new RCA sockets

All 22s with original rear-panel sockets need this. They are not exactly the same as modern RCA sockets, so modern RCA plugs just fall out. We replace them with 11 gold-plated sockets. colour-coded the same as the labels to make it easier to know where everything plugs in.

Quad 22: tone control/filter renovation

This is omitted from the basic service to make it more affordable, as many people don't use tone controls these days.

Quad 303 250
Quad 303: alignment only

Test and alignment of the HT, centre voltage, and quiescent current for minimum crossover distortion and THD. These 5 alignment points need checking every decade or so.

Quad 303: complete rebuild

303 service plus all PCB components replaced.

Quad 306 250
Quad 33 125
Quad 34 275
Quad 34/44/FM4: power transformer replacement

Get rid of those lamination buzzes.

Quad 405 275
Quad 405-1: Berndt Ludwig modifications

Selected modifications to upgrade a 405-I to near 405-II standard.

Quad 405: power transformer

Get rid of those lamination buzzes with a modern toroidal power transformer. 240V only. Recently repriced here due to unexpected doubling of the supplier's transformer price.

Quad 44 275
Quad 50E

Per pair

Quad 520/606/707/909 325
Quad 66pre 295
Quad 77,99

Power amplifiers: T&M

Quad 77pre


Quad 909 mono 175
Quad 99pre


Quad AM tuner service and alignment, any model including half-moon and /R

Standard service includes replacing about 20 components, plus a full RF, IF, and AF alignment, including retuning the whistle filter to 9KHz.

Quad CD66/67/77/99: idler wheel replacement

 A grinding noise when moving the tray in and out indicates the need for tray alignment and a new pinion wheel.

Quad CD66/67/77/99: power transformer replacement 160
Quad CD66/67: re-cap service

Replacement of about 30 electrolytic capacitors. This should be undertaken after 15-20 years of service.

Quad FM1/2 service and alignment

This service involves replacing about 20 components and a full RF and IF alignment.

A modern stereo decoder can be supplied and fitted into the FM2. External case required for an FM1. Price varies accordingly.

Quad FM3 service and alignment

Standard renovation plus full RF, IF, and AF alignment to restore performance to factory specification.

You will probably also need new panel lamps which can be supplied at low cost.

Quad FM4 CPU replacement

Replacement CPU (IC1). Battery no longer required. Supports 14 presets instead of the previous 7. Includes fiting and testing.

Quad FM4 drift modification

Some FM4s suffer from excessive tuning drift. This is distinct from the mere flickering of the display plus or minus 50KHz which they all seem to do. We have sourced a Drift Modification Kit from Quad that cures this problem. Note that your FM4 may already have it fitted.

Quad FM4 service and alignment

Standard service plus full RF, IF, and AF alignment.

Quad I 95
Quad II

Per pair

Quad QC24


Quad QC24: install phono stage

The Quad QC24 preamp is normally supplied without a phono stage. It is an optional extra. This service comprises supply and fitting of this stage and full testing. Both MM and MC are supported. Please advise your phono cartridge make and model for exact matching.

Quad QCII 95
Radford HD series 395
Radford MA series


Radford preamps

Any model not listed separately: T&M

Radford SC22


Radford SC22P

Preamp, self-powered.

Radford SC24


Radford SPA series

solid state: T&M

Radford STA series


Radford ZD-100

Integrated amplifier, not to be confused with the ZD-22 preamplifier.

Radford ZD-22

Preamp only, excludes ZD-100 integrated amplifier.

Site visit

For large installations such as recording studios we can also do a site visit, to check all your channels of all your gear. Of the services listed, only the standard THD, noise, bandwidth, and power tests are portable.

Price on application, including travel time in both directions.

Sound Technology ST1000A

We can perform alignments and Brian Beezley's modifications for Sound Technology ST-1000A units, including the low-distortion oscillator modification, and the level offset adjustment to balance mono and stereo modes on the meter. We can also fit the 400Hz oscillator and switch, and the external rear input BNC jack options if absent.

Price: T&M.


After various entertaining incidents in our laboratory, we can now undertake repair of Tektronix TM500 mainframes and a number of plugin units. Repairs are charged at T&M. Please ask us about other Tektronix equipment not listed here, but note that we do not service oscilloscopes of any kind, although we can service certain 7000-series plugin units.

TM500 mainframes and plugins
DC504 DC509
DM502 DM502A
FG501 FG502 FG503 FG504 FG507
PS501 PS502 PS503
SG502 SG505
TM501 TM502 TM503 TM504 TM515 TM506
7000 series plugins