How to ...


You can purchase kits, parts, and Dada Engineering PCBs online here via our PayPal™ shopping cart.


  1. Decide what you want.
  2. Ring or contact us to discuss if necessary.
  3. Send your item(s) to us, well packed, with a covering letter detailing work required and any known faults, and providing a return address, phone number, and email address for PayPal billing.
  4. We will confirm arrival and progress of the work. We will complete minor repairs at our discretion, but always raise major issues with you before proceeding.
  5. We will complete the service and then bill you via PayPal.
  6. When you pay we will re-pack your item(s), re-using your own packing, and return to you.
  7. We will enter the Australia Post tracking number on your payment at PayPal: they will send you an email confirming shipping and providing this number.
  8. If you want to use your own courier please feel free, but please organize a delivery time with us. You will need to organize a courier pickup when we advise your item is ready.
  9. Happy listening!