Quad AM tuner (European/export)

Submitted by dada on Sat, 05/11/2019 - 17:59

The correct name for this is 'the AM tuner', although it is often known as the AM1. This unit is part of the Quad II/22 setup with the same power requirements. It is an audiophile-grade AM tuner with several bands and switchable bandwidths. European models had LW, MW, and SW bands; export models had MW, SW1, and SW2 bands. Both models had three selectable bandwidths: 'narrow' for tuning; 'filter' which provides a 10KHz notch filter which needs to be retuned to 9KHz since AM frequencies were reallocated to 9KHz spacing in the 1970s; 'wide' providing a 12KHz wideband unfiltered output, which sadly is more than double what any AM station broadcasts these days.