Quad FM1 or AM half-moon chassis rods

Submitted by dada on Mon, 04/19/2021 - 17:01

I'm having a short run made of the 1/4" chassis rods that are used in the FM1 and 'half-moon' AM tuner. They tend to break off at the threaded part that screws into the front panel. I am making all five different types: the four types of various lengths that are tapped at one end and threaded at the other, and the other type that is tapped at both ends that is found in some FM1s.

Expressions of interest welcome. Pricing will be moderate, but I need to cover the cost of using whatever length of  1/4" rod my machinist comes up with, so I will probably have a few left over of all types. I also have plenty of 4BA screws and washers that are used with these rods (and elsewhere).

Please contact me via email if interested.