Radford FM tuners

Submitted by dada on Mon, 11/16/2020 - 16:48

The Radford FMT1/2/3 FM tuners were built to complement the SC22 (valve) and SC24 (solid state) preamps. The FMT1 is a valve design using 1xECC85 in the RF and mixer stage, 3xEF89 in the IF strip, 1xEF80 as the limiter, an EM84 tuning indicator valve, a ratio detector, and an optional muting circuit. No stereo decoder was supplied but a modern one can easily be fitted. The FMT2 and FMT3 are solid state designs, again with ratio detectors, and with a quite nice stereo decoder fitted as an optional extra. We can fit a modern IC-based stereo decoder to any of these models.