Williamson amplifier chassis

Submitted by dada on Sun, 10/11/2020 - 15:04

Chassis for the Williamson 1947 amplifier, with cutouts for valve sockets and IEC mains inlet.

Available in two versions:

1. Two mono chassis and separate PSU chassis, incorporating side octal sockets for transmission of HT and heater supply.

2. A single stereo chassis.

Both versions are as per the original Wireless World articles. The stereo chassis has simply been mirror-imaged about the central rectifier socket from the original mono block design.

The chassis is made of 2.5mm untreated CNC-routed aluminium, consisting of the top and four sides in a single piece. It ships flat: you will have to arrange folding of the four sides yourself. 

These chassis are aimed at home constructors of this classic amplifier. We don't want to supply a complete kit, so you can choose your own transformers, which are available from many suppliers including Partridge, Majestic, and Sowter in the UK, and your own valve sockets. It has been assumed in this day and age that no above-chassis capacitors will be fitted The valve cutouts assume 6SN7, KT66, and GZ32/34 International Octal sockets. The IEC cutout is for the standard Bulgin snap-in. Placement of transformers and chokes is largely up to the constructor within the spaces indicated. Drilling holes for fuses, switches, transformer leads, input sockets, and speaker jacks is left as an exercise for the reader.

Price on application.

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