AWA Voltohmyst VTVM

The AWA A56010 Voltohmyst is probably the most commonly found VTVM in Australia. The A56010 is based on the RCA WV-87A, modified for 240VAC and other local conditions, with a locally designed cabinet and front panel. They were made in tens of thousands by Amalgamated Wireless Australia, and very widely used by local repairmen, radio & TV technicians, etc., in the period 1953–about 1970 when DVMs came into use. They are still much sought after, as there is still really no replacement for a high-impedance (10MΩ) analogue voltmeter that can measure to ±1500VDC, 4200VAC P-P, and with a centre-zero facility, the last feature being invaluable in tuner alignments.

We can perform a pretty precise DC+, DC-, and AC alignment of this unit. We also offer a small regulated 1.5VDC PSU unit to replace the D cell battery used for resistance measurements. We can also fit an illuminated mains switch and an internal AC fuse, both required under modern codes. Replacement probes are also available, including a 1MΩ DC probe. Please contact us for details.