Quad 'half-moon' AM tuner

Submitted by dada on Thu, 10/08/2020 - 14:35

Quad 'half-moon' AM tuner. Rare early Quad product. Collector's item.

Bands: MW and LW.

Bandwidth: 7 or 12 KHz.

THD: around 1%.

Output level: up to 500mVRMS.

This unit is electrically A1. Gutted, rebuilt, and aligned on our workbench May 2020. External condition reasonable for age. There is the usual internal chassis rust, and some corrosion on the case which could be sandblasted and powder-coated at not much expense.

This tuner is said to equal or even exceed the later Quad AM2 and AM3 in sound quality. Medium-wave and long-wave bands. Tune (narrow - 7KHz) or wide (12KHz) bandwidth. Up to 500mV output level. Total harmonic distortion around 1%.


1. Works with Quad 22 or QCII and one or two Quad Is or IIs. Does not work standalone as it has no power supply.
2. Like all Quad AM tuners, this tuner has no internal ferrite aerial: it requires an external loop aerial of at least two metres, preferably more, correctly oriented with its axis towards the transmitter.

Picture shown is generic.

DM70 tuning indicator valve not working, will be replaced before sale if obtainable.

This item is offered, most unusually for a 65-year-old-item, with a 12 MONTH WARRANTY on all new parts & labour, valves excluded.

Quad half-moon AM tuner