Condition report

Sometimes you just want to know whether something is working, and how well, to help you decide whether to service, buy, sell, etc. We offer a condition report service: an evaluation and written report on the current performance of any pre-amplifier, amplifier, active crossover, or tuner, for your information. We perform a visual examination, graduated power-up, and measure as follows:

THD, IMD, bandwidth, RIAA accuracy, output level, all inputs and all outputs.
Power amplifiers
THD, IMD, bandwidth, stability, total power (up to 200W only).
Active crossovers
Gain, THD, IMD, crossover point(s), output level.
RF sensitivity, quieting, THD, IMD, audio bandwidth, FM de-emphasis accuracy, stereo channel separation.

This service can be done while you wait and is priced per functional unit, i.e. double for integrated amplifiers (preamp+amp) or triple for receivers (preamp+tuner+amp).