Welcome to Dada Electronics Australia

Dada Electronics Australia® is the Asia-Pacific agent and distributor for Dada Electronics Europe, located in Belgium, also represented by Dada Electronics North America. We have has been providing vintage hi-fi services and repairs since 2005, with hundreds of satisfied customers in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and elsewhere in our region, as far away as Vladivostock. We have 50 years' experience as Quad listeners; 30 years' experience as happy Quad owners; 20 years of performing classical music at the highest level; and a lifetime interest in hi-fi and electronics, including stints in the music and recording industries. We specialize in restoring and improving the musical performance of hi-fi equipment. Dada Electronics Australia is now expanding into repairs of other hifi brands, valve guitar amplifiers, and certain Tektronix test equipment.

News of the day
Dada Electronics Australia is open every weekday from 10am-6pm AEST or AEDT as appropriate. Visitors by prior appointment only please. We are usually here, but we do have to go out at some time nearly every day.
We remain open as a sole operator during the present emergency. However as the rules change from day to day please ring before planning to visit us.
We give out a lot of free help over the phone and on various Internet forums, in the form of buying and selling advice, repair tips, suppliers, part identification and supplier catalogue numbers, &c. This is frankly against our business interests, but we do it anyway. To help us continue this work, please consider making a small donation. All funds raised in this way help us to keep helping others.